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Prenatal Yoga

Incorporate yoga into your pregnancy journey with Liza - a yogi, birth doula, and mother (birthed at home in 2021)!  Come dedicate time in your day to you and your baby.  Find the ability to go into your body on a deeper level, to connect to its innate inner strength for childbirth.  Stretch and move your body intuitively to ease aches and pains, connect with your breath and baby, all while meeting other birthers-to-be!  All trimesters welcome, all yoga levels welcome.  

9 Reasons to Practice Prenatal Yoga (Liza's blog post)


Thursdays, 6:30 - 7:45pm

Mount Pleasant Community Centre:

Winter 2024

I: Jan. 11 - Feb. 22, 2024

II: Mar. 14 - Apr. 25  

Registration is open!  See below for how to register.

Spring/Summer 2024

I: May 9 - June 27 

   (NO CLASS May 30, June 6)

II: July 11 - Aug. 22 

   (NO CLASS Aug. 8)

Registration coming...  See below for how to register.

Please visit for direct registration links.

If you're brand new to yoga altogether, or Prenatal Yoga, Liza also offer private classes for $100.

For when you're away, use Liza's two classes on YouTube!

Offered by Liza

Phone: 604-356-7702




$19/drop-in (space permitting)

$100/class, for private instruction

If you are using Liza's Prenatal Yoga classes on YouTube, thank you kindly for considering a contribution for these classes, if you are able.
Please use Liza's PayPal link.


Mount Pleasant Community Centre

1 Kingsway / Vancouver, BC

See map

(604) 257-3080 (press 1)


Find your inner strength for childbirth.


“I really benefited from Liza's prenatal yoga classes. I hadn't done much yoga previously, but every time I arrived to class, Liza created a space for my baby and me to connect through movements that made me appreciate all the truly enormous changes that pregnancy brings. Liza drew my attention to my breath throughout the class, which helped me to relax a great deal during my labor. This focus on attention to breath alone made Liza's classes indispensable. I look forward to attending her prenatal yoga classes during my next pregnancy and have recommended her to all my mama friends.”



“I’ve yet to take a class with anyone that come close to the quality of yours.”

Carly (on pregnancy #2)

"Liza's prenatal yoga class was the highlight of my week. I joined in my second trimester when I was facing a lot of work-related stress on top of preparing for my first little one. Liza guided us through meditation and movement that left me at peace. The pace and length of the class was ideal with a good mix of challenging and relaxation poses. Her personal attention made me feel supported and strong in my pregnancy."


"Liza's classes are like none other.  The grounding experience she provides, and how she creates an amazing opportunity to connect with baby is like nothing else I’ve experienced in any other prenatal class.”



"I can’t thank you enough for what an encouragement and support your class has been.  Your Prenatal yoga class has been one of the very best things in my pregnancy." :-) 


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