Prenatal Yoga

Incorporate yoga into your pregnancy journey with Liza - a yogi, birth doula, and recent new mother!  Come dedicate time in your day to you and your baby.  Find the ability to go into your body on a deeper level, to connect to its oh so necessary inner strength for childbirth.  Stretch and move your body intuitively to ease aches and pains, connect with your breath and baby, all while meeting other birthers-to-be!  All trimesters welcome, all yoga levels welcome.  

9 Reasons to Practice Prenatal Yoga (Liza's blog post)


Tuesdays, 6:15 - 7:30pm

Kits Community Centre:


I: Apr. 19 - May 17  Register here

II: May 31 - June 28  Register here

Registration opens March 12 (9am)

For when you're away, please use Liza's two classes on YouTube 

If you're brand new to yoga altogether, or Prenatal Yoga, Liza also offer privates for $80, or includes a free private class in her doula package.

If you are using Liza's Prenatal Yoga classes on YouTube, thank you kindly for considering a contribution for these classes, if you are able.
Please use Liza's PayPal link.

Offered by Liza

Phone: 604-356-7702




$19/drop-in (space permitting)

$80/class, for private instruction


Kitsilano Community Centre

2690 Larch Street / Vancouver, BC

604-257-6976 (press 1)


Find your inner strength for childbirth.


“I really benefited from Liza's prenatal yoga classes. I hadn't done much yoga previously, but every time I arrived to class, Liza created a space for my baby and me to connect through movements that made me appreciate all the truly enormous changes that pregnancy brings. Liza drew my attention to my breath throughout the class, which helped me to relax a great deal during my labor. This focus on attention to breath alone made Liza's classes indispensable. I look forward to attending her prenatal yoga classes during my next pregnancy and have recommended her to all my mama friends.”


“I enjoyed Liza’s Prenatal yoga class. She gives clear instruction on each pose, and I found the movements were easy to adopt for mamas-to-be in all Trimesters. Staying in squat position was tough at the beginning (even though I’m a Asian), but I’m certain it helped me to go thru the labor without any major issues. I’d definitely come back for my future pregnancy and recommend friends.”


“I'm so happy I took your class. It helped to keep me calm and ease sore muscles while I was pregnant and it may have also helped with labour as it was a rather quick labour (9 hours from the first contractions).”