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Conscious Birth Series 

This is a prenatal online series comprised of 8 classes. Coming from our collective doula perspective, with much first hand experience, we bring a unique slant to this childbirth preparation series. Classes are comprised of interactive exercises, brainstorming sessions, explorations of topics in small groups/pairs, as well as incorporating relaxation/breath awareness, meditation, body sensing practices and dance!

This series prepares expectant parents to be strong advocates, have agency during their birthing journey and understand how to navigate decision making, fully aware of what informed consent means. 

Topics covered:
  • Physiologic Birth: choosing to birth naturally; birth as a rite of passage; birthing hormones; 'Evolutionary Regression'; birth & sex connection

  • Our Birth Culture: medicalized model and our culture's social messages of childbirth; 'labour bypass era', disarm fears that can impact your experience; working with 'life giving' pain

  • Preparation for your journey: anatomy & physiology of birth; practical comfort measures, breathing and relaxation techniques, positions and massage, use of TENS/rebozo 

  • Ecstatic Birth: alternative to the 'pain relief' paradigm, use of pleasure to enhance your experience 

  • Disrupting Flow: routine medical procedures/interventions, pain medications, Cesarean birth, communication with care provider/informed consent, creating your birth vision, Dancing with the Unexpected

  • The First Hour(s): birth of placenta/cord clamping, immediate care of newborn/mother, newborn procedures/tests, newborn appearance/characteristics; Hydrotherapy & Waterbirth: research and benefits

  • Breastfeeding - getting off to a great start, common challenges

  • Postpartum - Life with Baby: recovery, realities, priorities, adjustments, sleep

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


  • Access to resource materials, including videos, books, handouts, articles

  • *Option to create a customized private class that is tailored to meet your needs. 

Investment: $375

2023 Series: Next series set for summer. Dates to be determined. Contact Debra for details. 


"I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the amazing prenatal classes. I felt they have really helped Duncan and I prepare so much better for the coming of our girl and we are really grateful to have been exposed to the approach that you encourage and support."


"The childbirth course with Debra was absolutely vital to our preparation as first time parents. Debra has amassed a remarkable amount of resources and has curated an in depth course that strengthened our arrival to birthing. Her course is evidence based, it is illustrative of the realities of birth and also engaging at an emotional level, meeting both partners in their journey of receiving new life wholeheartedly. The course also prepared us in navigating difficult decision making during the birth which was particularly important in our experience. We felt empowered to inquire about our options and to take a stand for our preferences. Debra is devoted to healthy childbearing, we could not recommend this course more."


Mariana and Pablo

"We would like to thank you for your time and all knowledge you shared in the birth classes. We learned a lot from you.  

We are so grateful and feel really lucky that we attended the class. Personally I really enjoyed the additional materials you sent us before and after class. If there was any topic I needed to know more about,  I could always find some extra answers there. The class overall changed our perspective about giving birth. 

From a stressed and "hospital ready" mommy-to-be I became an informed and confident mom who knows what she wants to achieve with this amazing life changing experience. And after the birth, we feel confident in our new role as parents. And we are rocking with exclusive breastfeeding! 

So again, thank you so much!!"

Kate and Israel 

"Just wanted to say a big thank you from Jemma and myself. We found the course to be extremely informative and useful and we are both feeling much more prepared in the run up to the birth. It's a good mix of emotional and mental preparation and information, facts and evidence that I think will help us to be fully equipped in our decision making process, however the birth turns out. "

Paul and Jemma 

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