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Sacred Baby: Mom & Baby Circle

This time with your baby is sacred. Honor the journey, the good and the bad, with reverence and celebration. Sacred Baby for mama + baby is women coming together, with baby, to honor the sacred journey of motherhood. Sacred Baby is an eight week class series designed to continue the Sacred Pregnancy path, or to create a new path all on its own. We, along with baby, sit together in sacred circle to honor the rite of passage of bringing a baby earth side, whether it’s the transition from maiden to mother or the transition of adding another child. Empowered by the support of other mothers, we build our village during a time of challenge, beauty, and growth. Through the gifts of community, commemoration, celebration, and ceremony, we shine light on the many vibrant experiences of mothering; those moments bursting with unbound love as well as the raw, vulnerable times. Prior attendance of Sacred Pregnancy classes is not a requirement for joining Sacred Baby. This series is open to all moms, new and experienced, and their babies in the first year of life.

Week ONE: Sacred Space

Forming sacred circle with other mamas and their precious babies, establishing sacred space and honoring the rite of passage of welcoming this being into the world. 

Sister Project: sacred altar candles + sweet dream mobiles

Week TWO: Growing Pains

Honoring the 4th trimester, gathering your tribe, and connecting with baby through physical activity. Learn about Sacred Postpartum care. 

Sister Project: learn baby yoga

Week THREE: Connection

Making deep connections with baby. Explore Sacred Milk, baby wearing, and tender touch bonding. 

Sister Project: tender touch bonding + make a mama & baby teething necklace

Week FOUR: Honoring the Path

Recognition of our knowing as mothers. Gratitude + honoring for your personal journey. 

Sister Project: explore baby’s star chart + create vows to baby

Week FIVE: Sacred Home

Talk about feeding a baby and the whole family with Sacred Ayurveda, and Sacred Essence. Discuss essential oils and the role they can play with Sacred Scent. 

Sister Project: make baby food, homemade projects using essential oils

Week SIX: Release

With this tiny human, completely dependent on us for her every need, fear often finds its way to the surface. We acknowledge our deepest fears, shine light upon them and release them as to allow ourselves to parent from our highest selves.

Sister Project: releasing fears + mala gifting

Week SEVEN: Honoring Mama + Baby

Mother + Baby Blessing, Sacred Bath from Sacred Self Love, tea ceremony, and animal spirit path. 

Sister Project: self care projects + blessings

Week EIGHT: Celebration

Celebration & ceremony of this time together, this time with baby and our intentions for the future. 

Sister Project: flower crown honoring + despacho ceremony + going to the bowl

Offered by Jen

Phone: 604-440-4201



Contact Jen to inquire about next scheduled Sacred Baby series.

Materials included.

Hand-outs will be provided.


10% discount for all Doulas of Vancouver clients. Ask us for the discount code to use at check-out.

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