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Postpartum Doula


  • Parent Care - focus on rest and proper nutrition, postpartum health & wellness; emotional support includes processing of birth experience and parenthood

  • Baby Care - diapering, comforting techniques, bathing, baby wearing

  • Baby Care education - normal sleeping and eating patterns; recognize developmental growth spurts; understand attachment needs

  • Breastfeeding education - hands-on support; resolve challenges in early days, ie. initiation of nursing, poor latch, common feeding issues

  • Bottle feeding education - learn paced feeding; help to prepare and clean bottles

  • Light Housekeeping - tidying up, baby laundry, dishes

  • Light Meal Preparation - nutritious snacks and meals (or Foodoula's in- home chef service at a discounted rate) 

  • Sibling Care - ensure your other children are well taken care of

  • Experienced Care - for a premature baby or with multiples; moms recovering from Cesarean birth, or experiencing postpartum depression/anxiety

  • Referrals to other community resources (upon request)

"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers-strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." 

Barbara Katz Rothman



$35 per hour (5 hour minimum, daytime hours). NO OVERNIGHTS. 

10% discount is offered on additional services/classes provided by Doulas of Vancouver.

Our Postpartum Doulas

Service Area: City of Vancouver


“Debra was a tremendous asset to me as a postpartum doula. My newborn son was not sleeping at all during the night and she proved to have the "magic touch" with him and helped me to better understand his sleeping/feeding needs during the first few months.

When I encountered difficulties breastfeeding, her experience and advice was invaluable. I would highly recommend Debra's services.”


“Debra is a wonderful and kind professional who provided much needed support to us as a postpartum doula. She supported us through difficult times and helped with many challenges after birth, such as care and breastfeeding of our twin girls. Her advice based on vast knowledge and experience made things easier for us. She adjusted her schedule to our needs which meant so much to us when it was necessary. We are very happy and grateful to have had her as our postpartum doula. She helped our breastfeeding goals come true and cared for me when I needed rest the most. Thanks to her we have happy and healthy babies.”  


Helena & Igor

“My husband and I had a little girl in October, our first. We really weren't sure what to expect so we booked Debra to come to help us over the first couple of weeks. Debra helped us with breastfeeding, setting up our room to accommodate our little girl and meal preparation. She made us feel like we were much better prepared and her advice on breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements and cry communication has made a huge difference to our first two months. Debra has a wealth of knowledge and will make new parents feel safer and secure with their newborns.”

Ellie & Kirk 

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