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Ecstatic Birth ™ Private Sessions

This series of one on one private sessions provides practices, and offers tools to deepen your awareness about your body and birth. Together we explore how to recreate your birth vision from one of fear and avoidance of pain to empowerment and the potential for pleasure in birth. It's possible to experience an ecstatic birth.

These sessions will support an integration of pleasure into your life, and for giving birth. They also provide ways to clear trauma that affects the birth process.

Ecstatic birth is about how you feel, not based on a specific set of circumstances or a particular outcome. Ecstatic birth is an idea meant to inspire and elevate, not a standard by which to judge performance.

Topics covered:
  • Raising Consciousness: delve into your beliefs about birth; uncover assumptions; investigate other possibilities

  • Navigating your Options: current vision; feeling into decisions

  • Pleasure as the Most Holistic Birthing Tool: learn ways to bring in pleasure; understand the interconnected nature of birth and sex

  • Sensual Expansion as Birth Prep: sensation exercises; deepening ability to experience pleasure through senses; connecting with body

  • Disarming Fears: examine fears, address and release what can disrupt the birthing process

  • Dancing with the Unexpected: how to still have an ecstatic birth when the unexpected arises

  • Motherhood and Beyond: preparing for pleasure postpartum!

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


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Investment: $375

Six sessions are completed during your pregnancy. Each session is one hour. Resource materials are included, such as body sensing practice recordings, PDFs to enhance learning, and handouts to complete exercises. For a 15 minute complimentary consultation to learn more, please contact Debra.

10% discount for all Doulas of Vancouver birth doula clients.

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