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Developmental Play with Babies

This is a unique class that creates a playful environment for babies to learn. Bonnie uses a specific quality of touch to ‘map’ the baby’s body awareness in their brain that improves movement. Touch leads to healthier weight gain; better sleep habits and lower levels of anxiety. 

  • Support your baby’s development through touch, movement and face-to-face interaction! 

  • Come to this series and learn ways to enhance your baby’s motor development as well as social, emotional and cognitive growth.

  • You will understand about tummy time solutions, how you can stimulate early brain mapping and learn hands on techniques for supporting babies development.

  • This class is a great opportunity to meet other parents and their babies. Come prepared to move with your baby and have fun! 8 weeks to crawling.

Offered by Bonnie

Service Area: Via Zoom

Phone: 604-716-8154



Bonnie is not currently offering these classes. She does offer other online services including parent coaching and counselling services and parent education.



Bonnie is a craniosacral therapist, perinatal educator and counsellor, and loves teaching group classes for moms and babes. She also LOVES swimming in any body of water, enjoying a really good cup of earl grey, spending time in her sweet garden, and anything that signifies soft, warm, and cozy!

Ever since she can remember she has been fascinated with the attachment bond between mom and baby. This curiosity has taken her on many quests of learning over the past 20 years. Her latest pursuit has been to New York City to learn a Feldenkrais based method of working with babies to support their motor development called the Child’Space method.


"Lexi and I really enjoyed Bonnie's class and look forward to taking the toddler class once she is walking."



"We loved learning new activities to do at home with the baby."



"I wish the series went longer!"



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