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Jen Allan

Birth Doula, Hypno-Doula, Mother Roaster, Childbirth Educator, Sacred Baby Circle Leader

Jen Allan

Phone: 604-440-4201


Service Area: Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond

Birth Doula Investment: $1650

Please note: Jen is currently a student midwife at UBC and is only accepting clients for 2024 May-June. 

In Jen’s first pregnancy she lucked upon Ina May Gaskin’s Guide to Childbirth. Reading birth stories that showed women’s courage, strength and humility equipped Jen to approach birth positively and with confidence. With the support of her sensitive and giving partner, her caring doula, and hearts-open and skilled midwives at her side she birthed her three daughters at home - beautiful water births. Those are days engrained in Jen’s memory forever. Her first daughter was born on a blue moon, literally. Her second daughter's birth was just as special but a whole lot easier, and the third was fast and furious! Jen’s perfect births though are just that; hers. Your birth story may be similar or very different. You need to dream it first, and Jen will do her very best to help you prepare and support you along the way! Jen is amazed by the power of women's bodies, the way they rise to the occasion with mental fortitude, the state of bliss following birth and the satisfaction and personal growth that can come with this life changing event.


Jen’s approach to birth support is both evidence based and led by intuition. Leading up to the birth Jen meets with her clients to review and practice comfort measures and discuss their birth priorities. Jen provides her clients with current evidence-based information to aid them in making the best choices for themselves, their birth and their baby.


Birthing women have the right to evidence-based informed choice.

Jen is trained and certified as a birth doula with both Wise Woman Way of Birth and DONA International. She is a Hypnobabies certified Hypno-Doula. She has completed birth specific training for acupressure, aromatherapy, and rebozo practice. Jen has a cumulative ninety months personal experience with breastfeeding her three daughters and has completed the 136 hour LEAARC approved Breastfeeding for Healthcare Providers course through Douglas College. Jen is a Sacred Postpartum certified Mother Roaster and Sacred Baby certified Mama & Baby Circle Leader. She is a Childbirth Educator trained through Douglas College. She has completed continuing education through Microbirth on the Infant Microbiome, and Breastmilk and the Infant Microbiome, through Evidenced Based Birth on Suspected Big Babies, Gestational Diabetes, Advanced Maternal Age and Inductions, and through Rachel Ricketts on Spiritual Activism and Anti-Racism. Jen is currently working towards the Community Herbalist certificate through Pacific Rim College.

Jen is a member of the Doula Services Association of BC and she is pre-approved as a birth and postpartum doula for the BCAAFC Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant.




“It took me awhile before I truly appreciated how beautiful my birth actually was. I watched through a mirror, my daughter being born through my vagina and placed on my chest. Without medical interventions, I used the pure force and natural rhythm of my body. I had the birth I wanted and I'm not sure I could've done it without my doula, Jen.
Jen was there for me in many ways providing a tens machine, birthing ball, setting up a bath and many techniques to help me through the process. Jen encouraged me in times of suffering and kept me focussed on following through with the birth I wanted to have despite the curveballs thrown in my direction. I learned that my body is more capable than I thought possible. I believe the most important thing a doula can do is help bring out the strengths of the birthing mother. Thanks, Jen.”


“I really don't know what I would have done without Jen. She was the best choice I could ever have made to have her be a part of my birthing experience. I'm crying now just thinking about how incredible she is as a person and a doula. She really is there for you at every level.

Jen is an absolute caring, helpful, informative friend and doula that will be there for you and you REALLY want her there from beginning to end and even after.

Thanks Jen for absolutely everything.”


“Jen has much information and help before, during and after the birth. I couldn't have had my labour go smoother without her. Jen is wonderful. She gave me the right advice at the right time enabling me to ride out the contractions in the shower and got me where I needed to be when I needed to be there! Jen worked well with the midwife and my birthing partner and film crew. ;)


I am very glad I got Jen as my Doula and have passed her information onto my other pregnant friend. ”


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