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Birth Doula



  • Two prenatal meetings completed ideally three weeks before your estimated due date

  • Unlimited telephone, text messaging and email support, up until six weeks postpartum

  • Access to our extensive lending library of resources including videos, books, research articles

  • Educational materials sent in between our in-person prenatal visits

  • Complimentary use of rebozo, TENS machine (one TENS machine for rental)

  • Complimentary use of birth pool, pool accessories, air & sump pumps (for home births)

  • Continuous one on one care during your labour and birth, until two hours post birth

  • Immediate breastfeeding support once baby has arrived

  • 1-2 postpartum visits to ensure families are doing well; receive parent and newborn care helping to ease their adjustment during the first three weeks  

  • Your chosen doula is on call 24/7 for you, three weeks before and two weeks after your estimated due date.  

  • 10% discount on most additional services and packages offered through Doulas of Vancouver

Our Birth Doulas

Service Area: All home and hospital births in the

Metro Vancouver Area


Choosing a birth doula is an emotional and personal decision. We encourage you to choose the doula that you feel the best connection with. As your primary birth doula she will make every effort to be there for you, but in the off chance backup is needed, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will receive the same consistent and professional care from one of our other skilled and competent doulas from our collective.


Our Birth Doula fees differ in price depending on your chosen doula. Fee range ($1350-1650) is based on knowledge, skills, education and our profession’s standard.

*We offer a reduced rate for financial hardship.

*Payment plans are available upon request. 


"I hired Liza to assist with my labour since it was to be my first. I initially met Liza while attending her prenatal yoga classes. After spending some time with her I knew her calm personality would help my partner and I keep cool. I was right, Liza helped us be prepared for labour, and she helped us through the labour process with tea, music, advice and her great personality. I would definitely recommend Liza's services."



“Jen was introduced to my husband and I as a backup doula and I thank God she was there during the labour and birth. Jen came to my home and took her time to review my birth plan, learned about our unusual circumstances and concerns, and immediately provided us with very good recommendations. I found her resourceful and focused on addressing our concerns. Jen was called back into action on the day our labour has started. While at home she assisted us with pain management, hydration, and staying nourished. Jen seemed to be always present, yet not intrusive as the contractions increased in pain and frequency. She suggested additional techniques and positions as she observed my husband and me working together. After arrival to the hospital and getting admitted, Jen quickly set up the room according to my wishes and worked with nurses to create a pleasant atmosphere and get supplies ready for the long night of contractions. My labor was not an easy one. If I am to do it again, no doubt I would call Jen!”


"Amanda was my doula for the birth of my son and I would enthusiastically recommend her to other mothers to be. Prior to my son's birth, Amanda provided emotional support for issues I had about my labor fears and lack of confidence about the childbirthing process. As an acupuncturist, she was also able to help with repositioning the baby and provide some relief for pain and stress that carrying a large baby (nearly 10lbs!) had on my body. During labor, Amanda was there for us in the middle of the night until the early morning delivery, providing a calm presence in a hectic birthing room. After birth, she kept in contact with me and  continued to provide emotional support and relief for some insomnia I experienced.  She was always available and happy to help.  A great experience overall!"



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