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Doulas of Vancouver


From belly mapping to belly binding, acupuncture to prenatal yoga and everything in between - we are an elite collaboration of dedicated doulas, who are passionate about preparing families for their transformative journey during the childbearing year.


We, the Doulas of Vancouver, believe in providing individualized comprehensive care to our diverse clientele. The following principles are at the heart of our group, forming its foundation and guiding us as we nurture expectant parents and their families.

  • Empower pregnant persons and their families through education and supportive, sensitive and respectful care

  • Believe in pregnancy and birth as a fundamentally healthy & normal process - a joyous life event and a family centered event

  • Support a birthing person's right to choose how they want to give birth, based on what they believe is best for themselves and their baby, with access to all care options

  • Advocate for autonomy, offering current evidence based research to help make informed decisions


We value direct and open communication, offering fair and unbiased information. We value education, and are committed to our continued education for our personal growth and in the interest of offering optimal care for our families.

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