Breastfeeding Education

In this 3.5 hour session expectant parents learn the fundamentals for establishing successful nursing.

Topics covered:
  • Breastfeeding basics - breastfeeding at birth, importance of skin to skin, learning curve in the early days and weeks, understanding normal nursing for a newborn

  • Demand and supply - Is my baby getting enough?

  • Supplementation - when is it needed, what to feed, how to feed?

  • Nursing with ease - learn what’s the biological norm, a variety of positions including laid back and side lying

  • Nighttime - nursing and nighttime sleep strategies, 'breastsleeping'

  • Solutions to common challenges - engorgement, sleepy baby, sore nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis

  • Breast pump information - when, why and how to pump, collect and store milk

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


Group Investment: $225 - minimum 3 couples (For Doulas of Vancouver birth and postpartum clients.) Fee is split between the number of couples registered. 

Private in home/zoom classes are also available. Contact Debra for details.