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Practical Baby Care

In this two hour session inexperienced parents (both expectant and new) practice ​essential baby care skills. ​This class is particularly suited to first time parents who have little to no experience with newborns. 

Topics covered:

Essentials of practical baby care: 

  • How to hold a newborn; baby wearing

  • Changing diapers - cloth or single use

  • Burping, hiccups, spit up 

  • Comforting: 5 S's, use of soothers

  • Bathing demo; rashes; skin care

  • Safe sleep space choices, proper sleep wear

  • Newborn norms: characteristics, temperature, breathing, colour, skin

  • Considerations regarding going outside, proper dress 

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


Investment: $130 per couple (private session) Join with other expectant parents in your home! 

10% discount for all Doulas of Vancouver birth doula clients.


“We cannot put in words how much Debra's baby prep session has helped our family! In a few hours that we have spent with her, we had all our questions answered and much more! Her wisdom, calm demeanor and ability to listen to the needs of parents and babies has helped me and my husband regain hope and confidence that we can take good care of our baby boy. As first time parents without extra support here, we are really grateful to Debra for ensuring that we can gain enough knowledge to provide comfort for our newborn.”


Diana and Cedric

“Thanks a lot Debra. We really feel the session today brought us a lot and we really like your way that you explained and taught us more tricks and techniques to care for our little angel soon to arrive.”


Christiane and Czar 

"We enjoyed the baby prep class with Debra so much! We felt really confident learning from Debra's decades of experience, and it felt like the perfect mix of learning through talking as well as hands-on practicing. My husband and I highly recommend this to any first-time parents!"

Sarah and John

"We really want to thank you! My husband and I were discussing how lucky we are to have such a content and easy baby for the most part. Up until he was about 5-6 weeks old we thought we were in for it and we struggled. Then we connected with you, and honestly ever since your visit here things have become easier and better day by day. You really reassured me that my instinct was the best to follow, and that I shouldn't be ashamed or worried about creating bad habits with co sleeping and baby wearing. I did some research along with the tips you gave me, and I truly believe what we have been practicing is best for our baby. I have a whole new understanding and commitment to our baby now and it's working beautifully! So thank you for bringing all of this to light for me and for your continued support with our little guy! You have been a tremendous help!"  


Kayla & Ryan

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