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Making Sense of Baby

In this three hour class Debra focuses on preparing families for the realities of parenting a newborn.  As an infant sleep educator, she also offers private sessions to help parents manage their sleep needs. 

Topics covered:
  • What to expect from your newborn - their need for attachment and holding; what that means for you, and how that relates to their brain development

  • What’s your baby trying to tell you? Learn to understand an infant’s cues & pre-cry sounds

  • What is normal newborn sleep? Strategies to maximize your sleep!

  • Five ways to calm a crying baby. Learn soothing techniques that work!

  • Why baby wearing? Demos & practice with different carriers. 

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


Group Class Investment: $75/couple

(10% discount for all Doulas of Vancouver birth doula clients.)

Content is based in current research & neuroscience pertaining to an infant’s primal needs in the first year of life. This class is suitable for expectant or new parents of a baby up to the age of 3 months.


'Debra's newborn class was definitely insightful for a pair of total newbie parents and well worth it! Learning about the 5 S's was helpful for calming our new baby.

Almost four months later we still use most of those techniques to help her settle!  The universal crying sounds and identifying hunger cues information were also incredibly helpful for navigating the new baby haze.”  



"I attended Debra’s “Making Sense of Baby Class” before our daughter was born in July and it was the best thing I could have done!  Debra shared her knowledge and advice in very clear and common sense ways - one of the things that really stuck was, we can think of ourselves as engineers for our babies brains and the more we respond to their needs, the more we are teaching about love, emotions, support, and stimulating them in positive ways - making them happier and more secure.  We put what we learned into practice from day one and it’s been great…Avri rarely cries (gas) and mainly uses other forms of communication when she needs something - she is overall content, happy and thriving. We are very thankful for the knowledge that Debra shared!"



“Debra’s workshop was super helpful for my husband and I to learn the basics for taking care of our little one.

We learned how to swaddle, wrap and carry etc - all things that I had no idea how to do beforehand.

I have repeatedly recommended this course for new parents so that they can feel more equipped to handle all of the complexities of taking care of a new baby.”  



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