Home Birth/Water Birth Seminar

In this three hour seminar participants learn about all aspects of preparation for a home/water birth.

Topics covered:
  • Research on safety of planned home birth

  • Who are suitable candidates?

  • Reasons couples choose to birth at home

  • Benefits of being at home/immersion in water

  • Current research on water birth

  • Planning/preparing for home/water birth

  • Practical Set up/Clean up: Supplies

  • Hospital Transfer: if/when/how?

  • Midwifery Equipment

  • Considerations for space, family, noise, pets

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753

Email: debra@doulasofvancouver.ca

Investment: $90 per couple  

Please register directly with The Childbearing Society. 

2020 Dates: Final class Dec. 20

2021 Dates: Feb. 28, April 18, June  6, Aug. 15, Oct. 17, Dec. 12


“My partner and I found the home birth seminar to be very informative. We thought that a home birth aligned with our values and desires we hoped for in a birth, however we had A LOT of questions surrounding the risks and what would be involved. The informative session helped us be more confident in our decision making as we plan for our birth.”


“My husband and I attended the home birth seminar hosted by Debra at the Childbearing Society in February. We were sure we wanted to have a home birth but felt the information on home birth classes was limited. I was so happy to come across the home birth seminar by Debra and felt the seminar gave us great information on home birth, was an open and friendly environment and only made us feel more confident in our decision of having a home birth. Thank you Debra”



"This class was a great opportunity to learn the details about home birth to be able to separate myth from reality.  For us, it gave us clarity that as long as my pregnancy continues to progress without complication that we can be more comfortable and equally safe at home.  It also helped us from a very practical level to know what we need to have at home and the types of situations that would lead to transfer to a hospital."