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The use of hypnosis during labour and birth can be extremely beneficial as it facilitates relaxation which is a key element in birthing effectively and in comfort. We are trained in how to support our clients who have chosen to use hypnosis for birth. Our familiarity with the hypnosis approach and its language increases a client’s ability to access deep levels of relaxation. This has proven to make a significant difference in their birthing experience.

Our Hypno-Doula care includes everything in our standard doula care offering and more, including support with special language for hypnobirthing, a complete hypno-birth rehearsal during our second prenatal meeting, and knowledge and comfort using scripts, cues and deepening techniques to aid in your self hypnosis during your birthing time.

We would be happy to discuss our specialized Hypno-Doula care with you whether you have planned for a hypno-birth or are considering it.  


Our Hypno-Doula fees differ in price depending on your chosen doula. Fee range is based on knowledge, skills, education and our profession’s standard.

Our Hypno-Doulas

Service Area: All home and hospital births in Metro Vancouver Area


"Hypnobabies was a lifesaver for me. The self-hypnosis and hypno-anaesthesia they train you to develop for yourself really works. Everyone's experience is and will be different, but I don't consider my birthing experience to have been painful - it was super intense and I worked really hard, but the only pain aspects were the urges that told me I needed to start pushing again. I birthed my daughter safely at home as I had wanted, with no drugs needed. Having Debra there as a doula was invaluable for both me and my husband. Her familiarity with and support of the Hypnobabies approach was very important for my need to feel supported. Hypnobabies uses unique language to neutralize the negative imagery of the birth experience that we are surrounded by, and techniques that skeptics may find puzzling. Knowing that Debra was trained as a Hypnobabies doula made it even easier to make my decision to hire her. Her visit timing and guidance were in line with the course and the mental space I was trying to create. I am grateful for having both Hypnobabies and Debra with me in that life-changing time." 


"I chose to use the Hypnobabies self-study program and Debra was very supportive of my practice in the time leading up to my birth. The resources that she shared with me dovetailed so beautifully with the Hypnobabies program. During my birthing time, I fully entered the mental space I had prepared with Hypnobabies and listened to the tracks on my iPhone to help me breathe through the waves. There was a time when I was overcome by the physical intensity of birth and I lost composure. Debra arrived at that time and immediately helped me to reframe my focus, leading me back to the Hypnobabies space with her centring voice. I met my son with nothing short of euphoria."


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