Foodoula Service

Offered by Jacinda

Jacinda will collaborate with you to create a menu personalized to your diet and taste. On cooking day she comes to your home and eagerly hits the kitchen. If you are home, this is the time to rest, feed your baby, take a bath.... and eat!

Within a six hour session new mothers and their families will receive four scrumptious main dishes with enough for leftovers! Essentially one day of cooking equals a week's worth of food.


Soup, salad and dessert are also whipped up, if that's on your personal menu.

Investment: $180 

Gift certificates available.

Combine your in-home chef with our exceptional postpartum doula service for a discounted rate. 

Phone: 778-926-2242


Service Area: Homes in Vancouver, North Vancouver and Burnaby


Jacinda’s passion for food began as a little girl – before she could even reach the stove, she was pulling up a chair to help stir the oatmeal. She still recalls the distinct flavour and dense texture of her friend Daniel's sandwiches, made with his mom Ulrike's hand-ground German rye. Jacinda has always had a particular yen for nourishing others, and her focus turned to new mothers after becoming a mom herself in 2002.


After the birth of her second child in 2012 Foodoula was born and since then Jacinda’s heartful, homemade meals have helped support over fifty families across the Greater Vancouver Area. A self-taught chef, Jacinda is well-versed in cooking omnivorous (meat, vegetarian, vegan) and gluten-free food. Everything she prepares is preservative free and made from scratch. 


The African proverb - 'It takes a village to raise a child' - is a strong guiding force for Jacinda. In many cultures around the globe, mothers are given special attention and care post-birth, to nourish their bodies to support a healthy path for parenting. It is an honor for Jacinda, the Foodoula, to be a part of a new family's village. She looks forward to bringing her warming soul food into your kitchen.


"Being well fed, having amazing food in your house (fridge and freezer) and feeling good about what you eat has got to be one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. That's why when I was 7 months pregnant, with 2 teens in the house and a husband I turned to Jacinda. I wanted all of us to be well fed and not have any stress about it. Wednesdays were our "day" and everyone was so excited to get home to taste everything. This was the best spent money ever!"


"I was given a gift certificate for Jacinda's Foodoula services while I was pregnant. It was the best gift I could have received. I looked forward to Jacinda's arrivals - not only for the food - those early days on mat-leave with a new baby were often lonely, and Jacinda's big warm personality really brightened up my day."


"Jacinda worked for us for one month soon after we had twins.  During that

month she cooked for us twice a week making dinners like veggie lasagne,

roast chicken, beef stew, pinto beans, guacamole and salsa, risotto, yam

fries and miso gravy, carrot beet and seed salad, hummous and baba ganouj. All delicious.  She was a nice person to have around, good with our older daughter (4.5 years old) and just generally a kind, calming influence."


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