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Birth Partner's Class

This 3 hour online class presents birth as a rite of passage and delves into how birth partners and birthing persons can support childbirth from that perspective and awareness. This means understanding that birth is an altered state of consciousness, governed largely by our mammalian brain.


Support persons learn to approach birth as the instinctual, intuitive process of biology that it is, discovering how to be mindfully present for their partner, during this time of total transformation. 

Birthing persons receive affirmation about their intuition and instincts, connecting to their 'primal birthing' self. Cultivating self trust and accessing ancient body wisdom. Navigating their birth journey, to emerge from pregnancy into motherhood.


Topics covered:
  • Preparation for Physiologic Birth: how to prepare for normal healthy birth

  • Birthing Pleasure Hormones: how to support the release of pleasure hormones to benefit the shifting consciousness 

  • Birth as an Altered State of Consciousness: what is this? What optimizes it, to enhance and support physiology? 

  • Birth as a Rite of Passage: Self-transformation. What are the phases in childbirth's rite of passage and how to support them? 

  • Birth & Sex: The sensual and sexual nature of childbirth. Create a sacred birth space that aids intimacy, privacy. Support mammalian needs.

  • Pleasure and Birth: How pleasure optimizes physiologic birth. 


Dates: Saturdays June 3, or July 22, Aug 26, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov 9

Time: 10am-1:00pm 

This is a virtual class (Zoom) and will be recorded. It can also be taught privately in your home. Contact Debra for details. 

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


Phone: 778-997-0753


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