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Placenta Encapsulation

This service is not for the general public, but for Doulas of Vancouver birth doula clients.

In 2010 Debra successfully completed placenta encapsulation training taught by Placenta Benefits International (PBi). This is a comprehensive course to learn about the placenta, its preparation for consumption, applying proper food safe handling and following OSHA guidelines.

Placentophagy is the practice of ingesting one’s placenta.

Placenta contains these elements:
  • Prolactin (produces breast milk)

  • Prostaglandins (reduce inflammation)

  • Hemoglobin (replenishes iron)

  • Oxytocin (bonding, well-being)

  • Gammaglobulin (immune booster, prevents infection)

  • Cortisone (reduces stress by lowering cortisol)

  • POEF (increases natural endorphins)

  • HPL (stimulates milk production)

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (helps with stress, weight regulation)

  • Urokinase inhibiting factor XIII (wound healing and reduction of bleeding)

  • Interferon (infection prevention, immune stimulation)


The PBi technique prepares the placenta by lightly steaming it with ginger and other warming ingredients. This method is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM doctors agree this is in keeping with TCM principles, which state that new mothers need foods that are warming.


After steaming, the placenta is sliced into strips and dehydrated. Once dehydration is complete the dried placenta is ground and put into capsules. Number of capsules vary depending on the size of the placenta. Vegetable or beef gelatin capsules are offered. These are taken daily during the immediate postpartum period. As the pills are intended for postpartum recovery, it's recommended that they are all taken during that time.

*Cord is included, either dried in a spiral or heart shape (if enough length).


$225 covers the encapsulation of your placenta using TCM method and a keepsake made with your baby's umbilical cord.

Offered by Debra

Phone: 778-997-0753


Phone: 778-997-0753


Service Area: All home and hospital births (of our clients) in Vancouver.


“The placenta pills Debra made for me after my second delivery were great! I was in a good mood and had enough energy to handle the night feedings and still have a smile on my face for my two year old daughter in the daytime. I highly recommend the placenta pills to any new mother. As I suffered postpartum depression after my first born, they can make the difference between not enjoying and enjoying the first few weeks with your newborn.”


“I received the pills about 4 days after giving birth. Prior to taking, I was faced feeling depressed and the urge to cry at everything as well as not feeling emotionally balanced. After the first round of the pills I felt like a cloud had lifted. I was more balanced and calm almost immediately! I also had no problems with milk supply and breastfeeding and I am sure this has to do with taking the placenta pills.”


“I am doing very well and I would like to think the placenta pills have something to do with it. My mood is very stable, I have a positive mind set and my energy is surprisingly good.”


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