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Infant Massage

Offered by Marie

Marie is not currently teaching infant massage classes. Future classes TBD.


Parents bring their baby (or multiple babies) to our small group classes

to learn « hands-on » infant massage.


This series takes place in a friendly, warm and comfortable class space. Through learning infant massage we will share caring for babies, enrich our parenting journey and give a gentle socializing experience to our little ones!


One series of 3 consecutive classes:

Class 1 : Legs, arms, back, « baby yoga »

Class 2 : Chest, abdomen, head & face; review for daily massage routine

Class 3 : special routines for relieving teething, nasal congestion and colic

Classes include info on how to set-up a daily infant massage practice, precautions and benefits.


Best taken when babies are at the pre-mobile stage.

Marie recommends parents purchase the 'Infant Massage' book by Vimala McClure. There is also an infant massage class held at Douglas College. 

Phone: 778-321-7712


Service Area: Vancouver

Investment: $60 for the series of three classes. Handout included.

Gift certificates available.

Combine a private in-home infant massage class with our exceptional postpartum doula service!


In 2010 Marie was certified as an Infant Massage Instructor with the Liddle Kidz Foundation. She is passionate about babies, and supporting their families in caring for them, the precious gifts that they are! Since 1996 she has trained through several organizations and taught infant massage, but it was as a parent several years ago that she learnt it 'hands on'. As she reflects on the utmost importance of touch, touch that is healthy, respectful and loving, experienced during childhood as a marker for life, she is reminded in life of how infant massage is a remarkable tool, easily accessible to the primary caregivers of infants. It is her dream that every baby receive safe touch and massage, before they are mobile and actively stepping into the world. It becomes a part of their life and helps them develop to their full potential. 

Marie is also a Registered Massage Therapist providing in home postpartum massage treatments. Contact her directly for details. 


"Thank you so much for teaching us how to give our son a massage. We have been doing this since he was a couple months old. He just loves it and I think looks forward to it. It’s so easy that I seem to do it even when I'm trying to get him dressed ... we just spend some extra time together. It’s great!! Thanks again Marie for showing us how to do baby massage."


"Marie Arcand shares her warmth and her expansive knowledge of the topic when she teaches parents how to massage their babies.  Clearly passionate and well-informed about the benefits massage has to offer, she is able to deliver factual information, as well as practical tips while she demonstrates techniques.  She makes massage fun and relaxing for parents and babies alike.  Her methods are accessible and easy to learn and are delivered with a calm approach and gentle touch."


"We had the pleasure of taking Marie's infant massage course when my daughter was a baby. Her calm and nurturing approach allowed us to ease into the techniques and understand the material with ease. We have two young kids now and use massage to ease digestion, balance emotions, and increase healing and bonding. We are so grateful for the deeper understanding about infant massage and the beautiful balance of knowledge and practical skills that Marie's class helped to create for us as new parents."


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