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How can I afford a doula?

UPDATED FOR THIS TIME OF COVID-19: Indeed, in these uncertain times what with lost income or possible future loss of income how can families consider hiring the services of a doula? What with all the other expenses preparing for your baby's arrival it seems out of the question. Yet now it's even more important. When you may now be worried about going to the hospital too soon, so planning to stay at home longer, concerned about exactly when to make that move, questioning when you may need to contact medical support, or when to call the midwife, a doula assists with determining these and numerous other unknowns. We are that calming presence and voice in the midst of a turbulent time. We offer reassurance, normalize what is a normal physiological process, suggest comfort measures and relaxation, breathing and massage techniques. We have seen birth happen over and over and trust it, understanding its ebb and flow, and help you to navigate terrain that is utterly new and somewhat daunting.

Once at the hospital, we continue to offer guidance and provide information and continuous emotional and physical support. Changes to hospital practices at this unprecedented time can make the birth experience feel more medicalized and scary. We offer explanations and information so that you will understand what is happening to make informed decisions.

Evidence has continually shown the benefits of having a doula.

The Doulas of Vancouver offer payment plans and a sliding scale for services. We also are providing virtual doula support when necessary. You receive the same excellent support via phone, and on Zoom, Facetime, What's App, Messenger, etc. We are adept at adapting to meet the needs of our clients in any situation! We look forward to serving you to provide our wisdom and skills, as we endeavour to continue caring for childbearing families during this stressful time. Let us share with you in this wonderful life changing experience, that's one of joy and celebration!

Are you getting a headache considering all the expenses as you prepare for the birth of your child? You recognize the value of birth doula support, and your friends swear by them, but you’re unsure of how you’ll afford one… Consider adding either a birth or postpartum doula to your baby’s online registry!

Birth Doulas provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support throughout your labour and birth, focusing on keeping you relaxed and calm, able to ride out the waves of labour. We provide a unique type of support unlike anyone else. Life with your baby begins with birth. Optimizing on a positive birth paves the way for an easier postpartum transition.

Family members, co-workers and friends will be thrilled to give you the best gift ever – the one on one support from an experienced doula, either during your labour and birth, or in the early days and weeks post birth.

If your focus is for the immediate postpartum time; considering support to care for your newborn, help at nights, wanting information on comforting and normal infant sleeping, desiring breastfeeding assistance and help with your own recovery, then request a postpartum doula on your baby registry.

With the Doulas of Vancouver you’re in competent, capable hands, whether for birth or postpartum. You will receive compassionate skilled care to begin your new family life smoothly, cherishing your new beginning with your little one.

Baby List is a perfect option to set this up. Simply sign up and begin building your registry.

And there you have it! Now you can afford the invaluable doula support you need and desire.

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